One Tree Canoe Sprite 11

One Tree Canoe Sprite 11

Sprite 11 canoes are made in the style of the popular Adirondack pack boats of North America and are designed to be paddled as a solo boat with either a canoe or kayak paddle. They have curved ends and plenty of tumble-home to give good access to the water with your paddle and avoid striking the gunwales.

With their flat shallow-vee bottom, they are stable, lightweight and very manoeuvrable and make great canoes for fishing from or just exploring inland rivers and creeks.

This canoe was designed specifically for people looking for a lighter alternative to sit on top kayaks that can be paddled solo and still carry quite a bit of fishing and camping gear.


  • Standard - 20kg
  • Lightweight - 16kg

Seat Options

  • Standard
  • Comfort

Load Capacity

  • Max Capacity: Standard 200kg, Lightweight 180kg
  • Rec Max Paddler Weight: Standard 140kg*, Lightweight 110kg

    *Please contact us to discuss if over 140kg


  • Length - 3.5m
  • Beam - Max: 82cm, Gunwale: 75cm, W/L: 81cm
  • Depth - Bow: 44cm, Steven: 44cm, Centre: 31cm
  • Prices are ex-Gold Coast

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