One Tree Canoe Wivenhoe 18

One Tree Canoe Wivenhoe 18

Wivenhoe 18 canoes are modern-design cruising canoes designed for tripping on open water and eating up the kilometres. The bigger brother of the Somerset 16, it offers extra payload for more gear or additional passengers.

With straight stems, fine entry and shallow arch bottom, these canoes are designed to move efficiently through the water whilst still providing a stable platform. The raised bow keeps the front paddler dry in rough conditions and negligible rocker ensures they track straight on the water.

Wivenhoe 18 canoes can accomodate 2 or 3 paddlers, and also paddle very nicely solo. 


  • Standard - 36kg
  • Lightweight - 30kg

Load Capacity


  • Max Capacity: Standard 350kg, Lightweight 300kg

  • Max Combined Paddler Weight: Standard 300kg, Lightweight 200kg

  • Max Rec Individual Paddler Weight: Standard 140kg*, Lightweight 110kg

    *Please contact us to discuss if over 140kg


  • Length - 5.5m
  • Beam - Max: 87cm, Gunwale: 85cm W/L: 83cm
  • Depth - Bow: 50cm, Stern: 43cm, Centre: 34cm
  • Prices are ex-Gold Coast

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