Soto Fuel Bottle

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Aluminum fuel bottle used for the SOTO Muka Gasoline Stove

The Fuel Bottle is a wide-mouth gasoline bottle that is specially designed to work with the SOTO SmartPump. This system operates at a higher operating pressure than traditional gasoline stoves. Therefore, the Fuel Bottle has a thicker wall and an inwardly arched base. The wide thread with many thread rotations gives the pump a clean grip. The wide opening also makes it easier to fill the bottle with fuel, while at the same time monitoring the fuel level. In addition, it makes it easier to clean the bottle, e.g. when unleaded gasoline has been stored for a long time.

Note: Since the SmartPump system requires a relatively large amount of air, the bottles for operating the burner must not be filled beyond the usable volume. The maximum fill levels are marked.

Note: only red available 


  • Lightweight 
  • Robust
  • Easy to fill and clean
Soto Fuel Bottle
Soto Fuel Bottle
Soto Fuel Bottle

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