Adventure Paddle - Frederick Henry Bay Tasmania


Want to see more of beautiful Tasmania by surfski? Our weekend Adventure Paddles will get you off the beaten “track”, broaden your horizons and develop your skills. Adventure Paddles are a fantastic way to see new sights and break out of the normal routine, with an emphasis on fun, safe and challenging downwind expeditions and open water trips. You’ll be surprised at some of these stunning paddling venues only a stones throw away from Hobart.

Adventure Paddles are run on a semi-regular basis according to weather forecast. We normally plan and communicate trip details 3-5 days out. Please contact us or check our Facebook page for up-to-date information prior to purchasing.

We recommend booking Adventure Paddles online to guarantee a place. We need all participants to confirm their participation the day before each trip.

Frederick Henry Bay Tasmania

When - this Saturday 7th December, 2019 

Wind - this trip can run in moderate, fresh and strong W, WSW, or WNW conditions.

Safety resources - land based spotter and support bus, water based coach(es) in single skis, double skis and/or IRB to suit final group

Format - Half day trip

Where - Lauderdale to Dodges Ferry, Frederick Henry Bay

Distance - 14 to 17km 

Suitable for - solid early stage paddlers (you must be comfortable remounting & paddling offshore), intermediate to advanced paddlers

Meeting - 2.00pm at the Domain car park (opposite tennis courts - map attached), where we will load skis on the trailer, get aboard the NLK bus, and head to our destination

Registration & gear hire cutoff - 5pm on the Friday prior to the trip

More information - 0439 844 649

A map of the meeting point and intended course is attached.

Course description:

A shorter and more achievable westerly adventure, with the catching net of Seven Mile Beach to our left and the WSW wind and SSW swell coming over our right shoulder. The interplay between wind waves and swell often takes some time to sort out during this trip, and some impressive speeds can be achieved as your timing improves during the crossing! Coming out of the lee at Lauderdale, downwind conditions will gradually build as we get closer to the eastern side of the Bay and the entrance to Pittwater, with the option of some wave play on the sand bars around Spec Island or the rebounds off Tiger Head to finish up. Come and enjoy this short sharp westerly format to wrap up our Adventure Paddling for 2019!


  • Group paddling expeditions
  • Greater Hobart and beyond
  • Combination of adventure, training & coaching
  • Weather dependent
  • Trip formats to suit early stage, intermediate & advanced paddlers
  • Not suitable for absolute beginners
  • Gear hire available
    Adventure Paddle - Frederick Henry Bay Tasmania
    Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
    Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
    Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
    Adventure Paddle - Frederick Henry Bay Tasmania
    Adventure Paddle - Frederick Henry Bay Tasmania

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