Adventure Paddle - Iron Pot Tasmania


Want to see more of beautiful Tasmania by surfski? Our weekend Adventure Paddles will get you off the beaten “track”, broaden your horizons and develop your skills. Adventure Paddles are a fantastic way to see new sights and break out of the normal routine, with an emphasis on fun, safe and challenging downwind expeditions and open water trips. You’ll be surprised at some of these stunning paddling venues only a stones throw away from Hobart.

Adventure Paddles are run on a semi-regular basis according to weather forecast. We normally plan and communicate trip details 3-5 days out. Please contact us or check our Facebook page for up-to-date information prior to purchasing.

We recommend booking Adventure Paddles online to guarantee a place. We need all participants to confirm their participation the day before each trip.

Iron Pot Tasmania

When - Saturday 23rd November, 2019

Wind - this trip (or a reverse course) can run in moderate, fresh and strong W, WSW, WNW, E, ESE and ENE conditions.

Safety resources - land based spotter and support bus, water based coach(es) in single skis, double skis and/or IRB to suit final group

Format - Half day trip

Where - Tinderbox to Goats Beach (South Arm Peninsula) 

Distance - 18 to 20km (depending on the final group we may wrap around Black Jack Rocks, which adds 2km to the trip) 

Suitable for - paddlers at Moving Targets level (or equivalent), Paddle Progress paddlers transitioning to Moving Targets level (or equivalent), you must be comfortable remounting & paddling offshore in whitecapping conditions, this trip involves a channel crossing

Meeting - 2.00pm at Next Level Kayaking (40 Parkdale Drive, Leslie Vale - map attached), where we will load skis on the trailer, get aboard the NLK bus, and head to our destination

Registration & gear hire cutoff - 5pm on the Friday prior to the trip

More information - 0439 844 649

A map of the meeting point and intended course is attached.

Course description:

A rare chance to experience this "round the outside" trip which includes three different bodies of water, the d'Entrecasteaux Channel, the Derwent River mouth and Storm Bay, and the reefs and beaches of the South Arm Peninsula. Each section will throw up some interesting water movements and challenges along the way. The course also takes in two lighthouses (the Iron Pot and Black Jack Rocks), and a pretty impressive island (Betsey Island), all contributing to the oceanic feel of this trip.

The wind and swell forecast are very good for this paddle, which requires a good WSW breeze and a cooperative swell for best results. A final beach landing into Goats will complete the picture after a good 1.5 to 2 hours in the saddle. As per last weekend, there will be many opportunities to link wind waves with the groundswell and improve your technical downwind paddling skills.

I first did this paddle with Warwick Lovell when we were young fathers, we had an absolute hoot (even going round to Cremorne) but it did place a bit of undue pressure on our partners who were involved with the car shuffle and wrestling babies at the same time. They did it because they loved us, but over time not even love would give us another opportunity to recreate this paddle and it has sat on the backburner ever since! The problem with this run is normally that the driving outweighs the paddling by a factor of double or triple, requiring either a lifetime supply of brownie points (a supportive driver), or a lot of patience while you thoroughly explore the backroads of the Tinderbox reserve and the South Arm Peninsula a number of times. Our bus and dedicated driver/spotter system have changed the game in this respect, and we can set sail from Tinderbox on Saturday in the knowledge that warm gear and only a short commute back to town are waiting for us at the end. As per the last two trips of this season, we expect to turn this trip around in 4 to 4.5 hours from the time we leave Leslie Vale to the time we return.

This promises to be another genuine downwind Adventure Paddle!


  • Group paddling expeditions
  • Greater Hobart and beyond
  • Combination of adventure, training & coaching
  • Weather dependent
  • Trip formats to suit early stage, intermediate & advanced paddlers
  • Not suitable for absolute beginners
  • Gear hire available
    Adventure Paddle - Iron Pot Tasmania
    Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
    Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
    Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
    Adventure Paddle - Iron Pot Tasmania
    Adventure Paddle - Iron Pot Tasmania

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