Adventure Paddles


Want to see more of beautiful Tasmania by boat? Our weekend Adventure Paddles will get you off the beaten “track”, broaden your horizons and develop your skills. Adventure Paddles are a fantastic way to see some new sights and break out of the normal training routine, with the emphasis on safety, fun and the challenge! You’ll be surprised at some of these stunning paddling venues only a stones throw away from Hobart.

Adventure Paddles are run on a semi-regular basis according to weather forecast. We normally plan and communicate trip details 3-5 days out. Please contact us or check our Facebook page for up-to-date information prior to purchasing.

Payment for Adventure Paddles and/or gear hire can be made online or on the day


When - this Saturday 08/12
Where - Blessington Beach to Betsey Island and back, South Arm Peninsula
Distance - between 12km and 18km depending on final group
Suitable for - solid early stage paddlers, intermediate to advanced paddlers
Meeting - 10.30m South Arm boat ramp to travel in convoy to Blessington Beach
Starting - between 11.00 and 11.30am at Blessington Beach
Coaching & safety - Tory (1 x ski), Ben (1 x IRB)
Registration & gear hire cutoff - Friday 5pm
More information - Ben 0439 844 649

Maps of the meeting point and full course are attached.

Course description:

Warm with a high chance of Downwinders!
How lucky are we to have so many incredible paddling options right on our doorstep?!
For our regular paddlers, we often catch a glimpse of Betsey Island in the distance on our Hobart based sessions, and you can see where it gets its nickname “The Mountain in the Water”. From its rich cultural and natural history to its shipwreck graveyard, this area also is an excellent paddling destination.
This Saturday we're expecting a a calm morning and a building sea breeze throughout the early afternoon, absolutely perfect conditions for this paddle. We plan to hit the water at Blessington Beach, paddle past the Iron Pot and head straight for Betsey, turning when the breeze is IN and the runs are ON!
Tory is able to coach this trip from either a double or single ski depending on the final group composition, and Ben will be joining the fun with Bessie.
A top temperature of 22 degrees will make this a warm one...bring your sunscreen and something to drink :-) An exciting, interesting and challenging paddle on our doorstep, and a great way to wrap up our Adventure Paddles for 2018!


  • Group paddling expeditions
  • Greater Hobart and beyond
  • Mix of IRB and ski-based safety
  • Combination of adventure, training & coaching
  • Weather dependent
  • Trip formats to suit early stage, intermediate & advanced paddlers
  • Not suitable for absolute beginners
  • Gear hire available
Adventure Paddles
Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
Adventure Paddles Group Training Tasmania
Adventure Paddles
Adventure Paddles

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