Downwind Paddling Getaway - Makai Cup - Feb 5 to 10


Makai Cup Paddling Getaway - New South Wales South Coast - Feb 5 to 10, 2020

We'd like to invite you on a surfski adventure to the NSW South Coast and the legendary Makai Cup! During our first ever Makai Cup Paddling Getaway we'll be teaming up with Damo Staunton from South Coast Paddler who'll be able to give us some quality local knowledge and support during the trip. The Makai Cup, organised by Damo and the Makai Paddlers crew, has won several "best event" and "peoples choice" categories at the Paddle NSW awards over recent years and is legendary for its hospitality and the conditions it can consistently produce during summer. There is a short course option (the "Mini Makai") alongside the traditional long course depending on the level of challenge you want to take on. 

Our Paddling Getaways often involve coaching and mentoring paddlers in conditions they have never taken on before. During these Getaways paddlers develop skills, confidence, camaraderie and learn to adapt and thrive in different open water environments. Our 2020 Makai Cup Paddling Getaway isn't just about racing...far from it. During this Getaway the main emphasis will be on accessing new areas and supporting each other as we get a feel for this impressive stretch of coast.

During this Paddling Getaway you will be introduced step by step to the key sections of the Makai Cup course, gaining experience and confidence to take part in the event on the final day. You'll also learn some valuable off-water techniques to accelerate your familiarisation with the water and save you physical and mental energy in the lead-up to the race. Our support for Makai Cup Paddling Getaway participants will be holistic and extend all the way through to race day, with plenty of coaching sessions, stretching and injury prevention, course review and discussion, and assistance with start/finish logistics. Our self-contained accommodation near Burrill Lake will position us close to the course but far enough inland to enjoy some down time from the ocean, with calmer conditions for swimming, easy paddling and relaxing. With plenty of restaurants and wineries in the area we'll be spoilt for choice when it come to meals! Our Makai Cup Paddling Getaway is suitable for paddlers from advanced beginner/early intermediate level all the way through to experienced competitor level.

We have a limited number of places available for this trip. For reservations and more information please check out this link or contact us.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

      Downwind Paddling Getaway - Makai Cup - Feb 5 to 10

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