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Great Ocean Paddle Getaway - Jan 31 to Feb 2, 2018

Next Level Kayaking is heading to the Big Island to offer both Tasmanian and mainland paddlers the opportunity to explore Victoria's Surf Coast! Our Great Ocean Paddle Getaway is all about breaking down the barriers that paddlers face when tackling a new or challenging event, or any unfamiliar section of water. We know these challenges all to well through a lifetime of travelling and paddlesport competition away from our island home of Tasmania, including 6 years of paddling on the Victorian Surf Coast (2001 to 2006) and competing at the Great Ocean Paddle (2018). During this Paddling Getaway you will be introduced step by step to the key sections of the Great Ocean Paddle course, gaining experience and confidence to take part in the event on the final day. You'll also learn some valuable off-water techniques to accelerate your familiarisation with the water and save you physical and mental energy in the lead-up to the race. Our support for Great Ocean Paddle Getaway participants will be holistic and extend all the way through to race day, with plenty of coaching sessions, stretching & injury prevention, course review & discussion, and assistance with start/finish logistics. Every day will feel like a holiday with our self-contained accommodation positioned away from the course at nearby Barwon Heads, giving us some breathing space and access to the Barwon estuary/rivermouth for some of the foundational & technique-intensive aspects of the Getaway. Our Great Ocean Paddle Getaway is suitable for paddlers from advanced beginner/early intermediate level all the way through to advanced levels.

We've arranged the Great Ocean Paddle Getaway to make things as easy as possible and remove the barriers that often make travelling to events difficult. Deliver your ski to us for safe transport from Tasmania, or arrange to meet us anywhere along the way. Then reunite with your ski and our crew at Barwon Heads where we will have your accommodation ready. We will then have 3 days (with accommodation available for up to 5 nights) to familiarise ourselves with sections of the course, plus ample time to relax so that we have plenty of energy for race day. 

We have a limited number of places available for this trip. For reservations and more information please check out this link or contact us

We look forward to seeing you soon!

      Great Ocean Paddle Getaway - deposit payment

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