Great Ocean Paddle Training Plan - Finisher


This plan is designed to assist and guide participants aiming to complete the Great Ocean Paddle on the Victorian Surf Coast for the first time.

After our successful coaching and racing tours to this event over the last few years, we have put together a 12-week program that will get you to the start line feeling confident that you can enjoy the course and finish your first Great Ocean Paddle.

This plan contains a mix of skill-based sessions, as well as fitness and endurance work. Importantly, this plan prioritises having fun and learning to "play" with moving water. For paddlers without regular access to open water, the plan includes a range of sessions to simulate the boat handling required to make the transition between river, bay and estuary shorebreaks, point breaks, groundswell, rebound chop and ocean paddling. You will find some sessions that will have you slightly outside your comfort zone, and some sessions that will leave you buzzing long after they are done! 

This plan will begin on November 11th, 2019 and take you through to race day on February 2nd, 2020. For the first 4 weeks you will be asked to perform 2 paddling sessions per week close to home, increasing to 3 sessions per week at varied locations or in varied conditions from weeks 5 to 8. From weeks 9 to 10 you will have the choice of increasing your frequency to 4 paddling sessions per week, or maintaining your frequency and increasing the duration of your sessions. Once each during weeks 9 and 10 you will also be asked to travel to a location on the edge of your comfort zone to train. Weeks 11 and 12 will focus on freshening up and fine tuning your course-specific skills. This plan is fully compatible with joining our Great Ocean Paddle Getaway from January 29th, you can of course "fly solo" in the final week if that is your preference. Stretching and body maintenance will complete the programme and take you through to the event in top shape.

Upon purchasing this training plan we will email you a pdf document with supporting material, and be on hand for general advice throughout your preparation. 


  • 12 week training plan  
  • Suitable for first-time participants at the Great Ocean Paddle
  • Emphasis on course completion over competition
  • Focused on skill development & fun 
  • Focused on the transition from flat water to open water environments
  • Building fitness & endurance work throughout the program
  • Assumes infrequent access to open water 
Great Ocean Paddle Training Plan - Finisher

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