Jantex Gamma RIO Small Plus 205-215cm

Jantex Gamma RIO Small Plus 205-215cm
Jantex Gamma RIO Small Plus Paddle Australia Flexi Soft Adjustable Shaft
Max Hoff Paddling with a Gamma RIO Jantex Paddle
Schofield and Heath paddling with Gamma RIO Jantex Paddles
Rene Poulsen Paddling with a Jantex RIO Paddle

An improved version of the original Jantex Gamma blade, with similar pull-through and exit characteristics but a much smoother force at the catch. This is a paddle that will stabilise you in rough conditions, also encouraging trunk rotation and allowing you to quickly increase your stroke rate when required. Comes assembled on a Jantex Flexi Soft shaft (70% carbon fibre, 30% Kevlar), the most widely used shaft type for any kind of moving water and suitable for paddlers up to 90 kg. 

Care / Use Tips:

  • Suitable for lighter men, women and junior paddlers
  • Suitable for surfski, wildwater, flatwater sprint, flatwater marathon and multisport
  • Split and rinse paddle after each use


  • Blade Width: 15.8 cm
  • Blade Length: 48.5 cm
  • Surface Area: 720 cm2
  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Length: adjustable between 205-215 cm
  • Australia wide shipping

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