Mocke Equinox Neoprene LS Paddling Shirt


In stock mid - late April, pre-orders are being taken now.

The Equinox Long Sleeve Neoprene Paddling Shirt ensures that you can paddle at your peak performance even when it's cold, offering extra stretch and extra length neoprene along the width of your back and over your shoulders. This combined with the paddling specific pattern design means free rotation, shoulder movement and a perfectly normal forward stroke which is never impeded. The slick rubber panels on the chest and back means any cold water splash is repelled and keeps the cold wind off your chest.

Paddling is not seasonal, we like to paddle all year round. With the Equinox Neoprene Range it will not be the cold that will keep us off the water!

    CHEST SIZING GUIDE: S 85cm, M 94cm, L 105cm, XL 112cm


        • Designed specifically for paddling
        • Uninhibited shoulder rotation
        • Uninhibited forward stroke reach
        • Water and wind repellent slick front and back
        • High¬†visibility sleeves
        • Feels like a normal shirt
        • Made from 2mm High Stretch Neoprene
        • Made in South Africa¬†
        Mocke Equinox Neoprene LS Paddling Shirt
        Mocke Equinox Neoprene LS Paddling Shirt
        Mocke Equinox Neoprene LS Paddling Shirt

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