Mocke Equinox Paddling Wetsuit Fullsuit


The Equinox Paddling Wetsuit Fullsuit is (proudly) the World's first full paddling wetsuit. True to their design ethos, Mocke have brought a world first product to the market.

This neoprene full suit offers free movement and shoulder rotation by means of specially designed panels of 2mm, high stretch neoprene over the width of your back. It completely maintains your paddling posture with an extra length back which doesn't 'pull down' or restrict you when you sit down or kneel forward. The high stretch, seamless under arm panel allows you to maintain your reach and forward stroke, and specifically placed stretch panels on your forearm avoids the dreaded forearm pump syndrome caused by tight fitting wetsuits. Finally the low cut neck means free and comfortable breathing even during the hardest interval sessions.

Paddling is not seasonal, we like to paddle all year round. With the Equinox Neoprene range it will not be the cold that will keep us off the water!

Chest: S 85cm, M 94cm, L 105cm, XL 112cm
Waist: S 72cm, M 79cm, L 87cm, XL 97cm
Hip: S 86cm, M 95cm, L 105cm, XL 112cm
Shoulder to Crotch: S 68cm, M 74cm, L 82cm, XL 84cm
Crotch to Ankle: S 71cm, M 75cm, L 78cm, XL 84cm


  • Designed specifically for paddling
  • Uninhibited shoulder rotation
  • Uninhibited forward stroke reach
  • Complete Water and Wind repellent slick front, arms and legs
  • Built in, non-slip, airprene seating pad
  • Made from a combination of 2mm High Stretch Neoprene and 2mm High Stretch slick rubber
  • Perfect for cold open water paddling
  • Made in South Africa 
Mocke Equinox Paddling Wetsuit Fullsuit
Mocke Equinox Paddling Wetsuit Fullsuit Next Level Kayaking
Mocke Equinox Paddling Wetsuit Fullsuit Next Level Kayaking
Mocke Equinox Paddling Wetsuit Fullsuit Next Level Kayaking

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