Mocke Life Line Leg Leash


The Mocke Life Line Leg Leash is designed for open ocean paddling as well as leisure kayaking. A craft leash is one of the most essential safety accessories. This leash was developed by the Mocke team with very specific features and specifications.


  • Rinse your Mocke Life Line with fresh water after every use to ensure continued optimal functionality
  • Always inspect your Life Line before paddling.
  • Practice connecting and disconnecting the new PRESS+Connect Buckle before use
  • The Mocke Life Line is not designed for surfing.


    • High performance stainless steel buckle specifically designed to eliminate gate failure; no spring or pins to break
    • Simple PRESS+Connect mechanism
    • Rip-Release system for disconnecting in a hurry – just pull the red Velcro tab
    • Double swivel design prevents twisting and tangling
    • Lightweight, compact design
    • Extra strong construction to ensure ultimate reliability
    Mocke Life Line Leg Leash
    Mocke Life Line Leg Leash
    Mocke Life Line Leg Leash

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