Mocke Seat Pads


Ensure a more comfortable fit in your surfski or kayak. Mocke's generic and ergonomically shaped seat pad fits most paddle craft. It has a self adhesive backing which makes it simple to stick down.

Designed to minimise the onset of dreaded “dead leg”; at 1cm thickness and made from PVA foam, you're sure to comfortable sitting on one of these!


  • Before removing backing first press seat pad into the seat to assess placing position
  • Pad should take the shape of the seat
  • Ensure that the back of the pad (curved areas) are set midway up the back of the seat


  • For best performance, clean the seat area properly before sticking down your seat pad adjusters


    • Adjustable attachment
    • 1cm PVA foam
    • Ergonomic design
    Mocke Seat Pads

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