Mocke Windbreaker - Unisex


Made from super light HydroX, the Mocke Sleeveless Windbreaker provides high performance core insulation from wind and water. Its athletic cut ensures maximum range of motion for optimum paddling performance. Developed in 35 knot winds and 13 degree water by world champion surfski paddlers, the Mocke Sleeveless Windbreaker is truly performance inspired.


      • Windproof & Waterproof
      • Lightweight
      • Highly visible colour
      • Front zip ventilator
      • Comfy collar design
      • Elasticated armholes seal in body heat
      • Fits in your pocket
      Mocke Windbreaker - Unisex
      Mocke Windbreaker Blue
      Mocke Windbreaker Blue Collar Detail
      Mocke Windbreaker Green
      Mocke Windbreaker Green Collar Detail

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