Mocke XL Mobile Phone Cover


Introducing the brand new Mocke XL Mobile Phone Cover, designed to fit and float iPhone 6 Plus and similar large smart phones.

The Mocke XL Mobile Phone Cover is an essential safety item and has been developed to ensure reliability no matter how extreme the conditions. Always take a mobile phone with you when paddling offshore. This ensures you have communication in case of an emergency…or any other situation.


  • Insert your phone upside down so that when you have to use it hanging from your neck, it will be the correct way up
  • Always ensure proper closure of clamping system & check for obstructions that may compromise sealing
  • The Mocke XL Mobile Phone Cover is made from remarkably strong materials, but can still be damaged through incorrect use - avoid putting sharp or abrasive objects like keys in your phone cover


  • After regular contact with salt water was in soapy water and rinse with fresh water
  • Test your phone cover on a regular basis by putting something worthless inside and submerging it in a basin to check for possible damage
  • Your wet hands could bring moisture into the phone cover. Inserting a moisture protector like a ball of cotton wool or a packet of silicone balls (found inside new shoe boxes) aids in keeping the inside dry.


  • 100% water proof and certified submersible up to 10m (IPX8 rated*)
  • Fits and floats iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note and similar size smart phones
  • Allows full phone functionality when sealed i.e. take or make calls “through” the cover
  • Crystal clear camera window allows you to capture epic moments on the water
  • Includes drawstring for attachment to your PFD
  • Made from durable Eco-Friendly TPU materials. 100% PVC free!

*The Mocke XL Mobile Phone Cover has been tested and rated according to the international standard IEC 60529 – “Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures”. IPX8 is the highest achievable rating for submersible enclosures.

Mocke XL Mobile Phone Cover
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