Summer Seabreeze Sessions


Our evening Seabreeze sessions are back.....It's hard to call it training when the sessions are this much fun!

From Spring through to Autumn Hobart has a very consistent and reliable seabreeze, allowing paddlers a great opportunity to play in the wind and bumps, under the cliffs off Kingston Beach, or closer to town where the river narrows and the wind waves can really stand up and be super fun to play in. 

Which session to choose:

▪️ Group training with qualified coaches

▪️ Our most popular session for summer, Paddle Progress on Tuesday evenings, will improve your skills and push boundaries, in a safe environment. Suited to less experienced paddlers through to consolidated intermediate level paddlers.

▪️ Next Step on Wednesday evenings, is suitable for intermediate to advanced paddlers, and is a stepping stone group between Paddle Progress and a higher level. Next Step paddlers undertake the same type of training, in the same conditions at Kingston, as our Moving Targets group. 

▪️ Moving Targets on Monday evenings are suited to the more experienced paddlers, playing under the cliffs around Kingston Beach and beyond, at times offering up a great challenge, and always super fun. 

Our next Round of Seabreeze sessions for the spring/summer will take place from the 20th of September to the 8th of December, 2021. When registering for our Seabreeze program you become a 'regular' NLK paddler giving you access to between 9 and 12 group sessions for an up -front payment of between $72 and $90 (depending on the group selected). Equipment hire is available for all sessions and is an additional and ongoing cost involved in Seabreeze session participation, should you require it. You can pay for your gear hire prior to each session.

Please contact us or check our Team NLK Facebook page if you need any more information prior to registration.

Seabreeze Sessions: 24/01/22 to 13/04/22 (choose 12 Paddle Progress, 12 Next Step or 12 Moving Targets sessions, depending on your level)

When & Where:

Moving Targets: Monday evenings 6.00pm (southern end of Kingston Beach, near the Yacht Club).

Paddle Progress: Tuesday evenings 6.00pm (southern end of Long Beach, Sandy Bay)

Next Step: Wednesday evenings 6.00pm (southern end of Kingston Beach, near the Yacht Club)

Site maps for venues are below.

Booking for sessions:

Booking for sessions is required, we will give you a discount code to use at the checkout, bringing the cost to $0 (or $16 if you are hiring gear)

  • Group training sessions focusing on seabreeze, downwind & open water improvement
  • Hobart based
  • Suitable for early stage, intermediate to advanced paddlers
  • Sign up for 9 to 12 weeks at a time
  • Gear hire available

Summer Seabreeze Sessions
Summer Seabreeze Sessions
Summer Seabreeze Sessions
Summer Seabreeze Sessions

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