Women's 6 week paddling program


We are excited to offer an extended version of Women On Water, creating a 6 week program where women can access two sessions per week, or choose to attend a mix of Thursday and Sunday sessions. 

Thursday morning will be run from Marieville Esplanade, Sandy Bay starting at 6.00am. We will have you off the water at 7.00am, allowing time for the daily routine to begin. Thursday morning sessions will involve a technique focus, and will compliment the skills work that is normally the focus on Sunday. Sundays will remain at 12.00 noon at Kingston Beach.

Paddlers who can commit to doing two sessions each week will be surprised at the level of improvement in technique, skills and confidence. 

Our Women’s 6 Week Paddling Program offers:

▪️ 2 sessions per week with qualified coaches

▪️ a kick start to improving your confidence and fitness so you are ready for summer paddling adventures

▪️ the opportunity to meet new girls to paddle with, outside NLK sessions

▪️ the opportunity to exercise outdoors in a safe environment

Our first Women’s 6 Week Paddling Program will take place from the 27th of September to the 5th of November, 2020.

When registering for this 6 week program you become a 'regular' NLK paddler giving you access to 12 WOW group sessions. By registering you undertake to pay $20.00 per week for 6 weeks (a total of $120), as a one off payment at the start of the program. Should you wish to do Thursday morning only you undertake to pay $15 per session for 6 weeks (a total of $90) as a one off payment at the start of the program. Equipment hire is available for all sessions and is an additional and ongoing cost involved in WOW participation, should you require it. You can choose to pay for your gear hire in advance or prior to each session. 

When you register here you will not be asked for a payment, we will contact you to arrange this prior to the start of the round. We have designed it this way as we are aware that everyone's needs can differ, so this allows us to arrange what suits you best. 

Please contact us or check our group session Facebook page if you need any more information prior to registration.

Women’s 6 Week Paddling Program: 27/09/20 to 05/11/20 (total of 12 coached group sessions over 6 weeks)

When & where:

Thursday mornings at 6.00am (meeting at the northern end of Marieville Esplanade Sandy Bay, near the rowing club)

Sunday 12.00 noon (meeting at Tyndall Road carpark, northern end of Kingston Beach)

Site maps for the venues are below. 


It is a requirement that payment is made in advance to attend the Women's 6 Week Paddling Program.

To attend sessions on a casual basis please book through the Women On Water page.


  • Group sessions for female paddlers focusing on long-term improvement
  • Suitable for paddlers transitioning from beginner level up to and including intermediate paddlers
  • Suitable for paddlers returning after a long break
  • 6 week program
  • Gear hire available

Women's 6 week paddling program
Women's 6 week paddling program - Next Level Kayaking - Hobart Tasmania Australia Coaching Training Shop
Women's 6 week paddling program
Women's 6 week paddling program
Women's 6 week paddling program

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