Frogskins - a new level of comfort in cold conditions

Some of you may have noticed that we have Frogskins on our website, and will be wondering what they are like, so I thought I would give you my experience with the brand. For the last two months I have been using the Frogskins top, pants and more recently the...

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A fortnight in the new Epic V9

"Serial number 001, so this is the first one ever made?" "Yep, put it to good use!" So went the conversation at the warehouse as we picked up our new Epic V9 Ultra. A few days later it had made its way to Tasmania.  We put it straight to the...

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NLK at Fitex 2019

NLK is proud to participate in Fitex 2019! To celebrate this great Tasmanian fitness event, we're offering special pricing on our Paddling Foundations and Women on Water sessions (just use the coupon code Fitex19 during checkout) and you'll get 50% off these awesome training sessions in October and all the way...

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Roz's cold weather paddling picks

Items I can’t do without through the colder months - they are all Australian brands! Enth Degree F3 Socks Fleece lined neoprene with soft but grippy sole. They don’t affect your feel on the foot plate, but do keep out the frost when crossing the grass to get on the water. ...

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Choosing stability - by Roz Barber

We all know that the longer, skinnier skis go faster than the shorter, wider ones....right??  Well they do, with some conditions attached. Those long skinny skis need someone who is able to paddle them properly, in the conditions they are tackling, for them to be fast. Elite skis need their...

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