2017 NATIONAL PIES Kayak Challenge

The first race in the Southern Paddlers Summer Series is the 2017 NATIONAL PIES Kayak Challenge on Australia Day (Jan 26). The event is proudly organised by Next Level Kayaking in conjunction with the Sandy Bay Regatta.

We are very grateful to National Pies for sponsoring this year’s event. Thanks to their generosity we are able to offer $500 prizemoney, with $300 of this going to the random draw pool. National Pies are a Tasmanian tradition and have been locally baked for over 70 years, check them out here.

There will be 3 divisions – the normal div 1 (approx 14km) and div 2 (approx 10km), as well as a div 3 (6km) designed for paddlers who are looking to compete for the first time. This year we have pushed the start time back to 12.30pm to give us maximum chance of sea breeze conditions which div 1 & 2 will take full advantage of!

WHEN: Entries from 10.45am, Briefing 12.15pm, Racing from 12.30pm, Presentations from 2.00pm

WHERE: Long Beach, Lower Sandy Bay – entries taken on the grass at the Southern Headquarters end

ENTRY: $25 div 1 and div 2, $15 div 3
All entries are taken on the day – just arrive, sign in and race.

DIV 1 – approx 14 km
1st - $150, 2nd - $50, 1 x $50 random draw
DIV 2 – approx 10 km
3 x $50 random draw
DIV 3 – 6 km
2 x $50 random draw

All competitors will receive a drink and BBQ voucher to help with post-race recovery :-)

For spectators and families there will be lots to see on the water with outriggers, dragon boats and regular views of the multi-lap kayak challenge. There will also be all the off-water Regatta action to enjoy throughout the day. After the race we are running a free Epic Kayaks demo & coaching session (from 3pm), so come along if you’d like some tips or would like to try the latest skis, kayaks and paddles from Epic. No need to book – just rock up!

You can see the event flyer below with more details available here.

For more information please get in touch.

Lock in Australia Day for some paddling and Regatta fun in Sandy Bay!

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this planet, it is
contained in water.

Loren Eiseley