New Epic Elite Construction

Epic Elite construction Next Level Kayaking

We are excited to announce the Elite carbon range from Epic! 

This is Epic's latest, extremely light and stiff construction. Stiffness is an important feature in a surfski, as the more rigid a boat is, the less energy gets lost from flex – meaning more of your energy goes into forward motion!

Priced extremely well at only AUD$600 more than Epic's ultra layup (white ski/red tip), the Elite range offers paddlers the ultimate in finish, performance and portability.

This 3K carbon fibre layup uses Epic's Nomex honeycomb core and is vacuum bagged and heat cured to make it incredibly strong and lightweight. The Epic Elite uses gelcoat to provide a durable finish and help protect from UV damage. Below you can find the models that are available for order, along with their weights.

V11 - 9.4 kg 

V8, V8 Pro, V10 Sport, V10, V10L, V12 & V14 - 10.4 kg 

The Epic Elite range is available now! Follow this link for more information and to place your order.

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