New Product Spotlight - Motionize Paddle Edge

We've been putting the new Motionize Paddle Edge virtual coaching system to the test over the last few weeks! We've been seriously impressed by the accuracy of this new technology and found really good agreement between the Motionize system and traditional video footage during coaching sessions. In this example, we hooked up a paddler to a Motionize device and in only 2-3 minutes we could see an asymmetrical stroke indicating a cramped exit on the RHS.

Motionize live view

We then shot video from the reverse angle to highlight what was going on. The video showed poor elbow control on the RHS - this elbow was not holding the line of the paddle during the pull through phase and as a result the stroke was ending up in "no mans land" under the armpit, resulting in a very awkward, slow exit. This paddler was "arming" the RHS stroke too much and not letting his body take the load. In comparison this paddlers elbow control on the LHS was very good, his fixed arm transferring the power from the bigger muscle groups (legs, trunk, etc) to the water very well. This allowed the LHS elbow to be proactive at the exit, resulting in a clean, relaxed and fast finish well clear of the body.

Technique review with video

This paddler has now been prescribed a series of drills aimed at fixing his RHS exit problem. A great example of this new technology rapidly diagnosing a problem and focusing the coaches attention on a real area for improvement.

Check out the Motionize Paddle Edge on our web store for more information and drop us a line anytime to arrange a demo

Motionize Paddle Edge specs:

  • Virtual Coaching System
  • Audio & Visual Technique Feedback
  • Safety Feature
  • Universal fit suitable for all ski, kayak & paddle types
  • Tough & Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible App
  • Demo version available
  • The very latest paddlesport technology!

If there is magic on
this planet, it is
contained in water.

Loren Eiseley