New Product Spotlight - Epic V8 Pro

Epic V8 Pro from Epic Kayaks on Vimeo

Epic's new V8 Pro is due to land early June, with NLK among the first representatives in Australia to offer demos and hire of this unique ski! Designed to sit between the V8 and V10 Sport, the V8 Pro will offer an easier transition for entry-level paddlers stepping up to faster and more lively skis.

For females and lighter male paddlers the V8 Pro should be a popular choice thanks to reduced volume in the bow and a reduced "hump" under the legs compared to other models. The V8 Pro will suit paddlers from 147cm to 196cm in height. Step up (or down) in style with the new Epic V8 Pro! 

Check out the Epic V8 Pro on our web store for more information and drop us a line anytime to arrange a test paddle!

Epic V8 Pro specs:

  • Length 5.79m
  • Width 50.5cm
  • Depth 32.0cm
  • Capacity 36-127kg

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