Carbonology Vault

Carbonology Vault
Carbonology Vault
Carbonology Vault

The Carbonology Sport SS1 Vault has been designed to suit paddlers up to 80kg. Inspired by the need for a fast, yet stable ski, the Vault allows intermediate level paddlers the opportunity to achieve their best results.

The Vault breeds confidence in all conditions and with confidence comes better results. Normally CS boats have pretty high sides and you sit deep. The new Vault is low, but still very dry, the venturi bullet scuppers are very efficient.

Boasting all the features of a top end racer, this ski also has great manouverability, comfort and stability to take the paddler to the next level of their paddling.

Add to this light, strong and direct full carbon pedals on a fully adjustable vertical pin rack,  breathable rubber bung plug, carbon rudder and carbon steering assembly hatch – the outfitting is excellent.

The two soft-covered handles are at the knees and the exact midpoint of the boat weight-wise, making it a breeze to carry single-handedly.


  • Dual side handles

  • Stern handle
  • Front cockpit handle

  • Full length adjustability

  • Venturi bullet scuppers

  • Front cockpit rigging

  • Rear deck rigging

Weight Class

55kg - 80kg

Construction & Weight

Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 14.5kg 
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 12.5kg 
Carbon Foam Epoxy Vacuum: 11.5kg 
Carbon/Honeycomb Deck: 10.5kg 
Carbon Full Honeycomb: 9.5kg 
Clear Carbon: Information available on request

Boat Specs
  • Boat Length: 6.1m
  • Boat Width: 46.0cm
  • Boat Height: 32.0cm
  • Seat Width: 40.0cm
  • Seat Depth: 18.0cm
  • Prices are ex-Sydney

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