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Courses and details for the 12th edition of the Tasmanian Ocean Racing Championships this Saturday 23rd March

This Saturday's Tasmanian Ocean Racing Championships will be held in Frederick Henry Bay.

Division 1 (Championship) course:
Primrose Point to a mark off Renard Point, turning left and proceeding downwind to the finish at Dunalley, approx 14km

Division 2 (non Championship) course:
Primrose Point to Dunalley, approx 10km

Both Divisions will launch from Gypsy Bay Boat Ramp and paddle a short distance out to Primrose Point for the race start. Both Divisions will finish between 2 yellow buoys approx 50m apart just before the Dunalley Canal. The finish point will be set like this due to the extreme low tide expected at Dunalley. After finishing paddlers can proceed slowly up the Canal to the take out point. Two safety boats will follow the race from start to finish. One of our safety boats will be stationed at the finish line as the first paddlers from each Division arrive, people on this boat will patrol the line and take finishing times.

Prerequisites for participation:
Participants need to be able to remount their craft in whitecapping conditions, and carry their mobile phones in a waterproof case while competing. Paddlers need to wear a PFD rated to ISO 12402 or AS 4758 and be attached to their craft with a leg leash.

Maps for the Div 1 and Div 2 courses, as well as the start/finish areas can be seen here. While not expected, we will alter the planned courses to maximise paddler safety & enjoyment should the forecast or conditions on the day substantially change between now and Saturday.

Schedule for the event:
▪️ Race registration and body number issue 12.00noon to 12.30pm
▪️ Race briefing 12.30pm
(both rego & briefing are compulsory and will take place at the Gypsy Bay Boat Ramp launching area)
▪️ Race start for both divisions 1.00pm at Primrose Point (on-water start)
▪️ Racing will finish off Dunalley as outlined above
▪️ Overall and age category presentations for this event will take place shortly after 4.00pm at the Dunalley Hotel

All entries for this event are online, to enter and see additional information please head to

Alongside perpetual trophies for overall male and female winners, there will be medals for all Championship category place-getters kindly donated by Paddle Tasmania. We are very grateful to Vaikobi, Epic Kayaks, Sea To Summit, Aqua Bound Paddles, Nordic Kayaks & Carbonology Sport for their sponsorship of this event. We would also like to thank the Derwent Canoe Club and our volunteers for providing their resources, time and energy.

We hope to see you all this Saturday!


This is the page to use when entering Vaikobi Triple 4 Series "Ocean" races for 2023/24

The Vaikobi Triple 4 Series is both a merger and an upgrade of our previous Winter and Summer series to create a 16 race / 11 month calendar of events in south eastern Tasmania. The new series involves 2 river races, 10 bay/harbour style races and 4 ocean races.

The series brings together a larger number of sponsors and partners, with supporting sponsors Epic Kayaks, Sea To Summit, Nordic Kayaks and Carbonology Sport joining headline sponsor Vaikobi and event partners Derwent Canoe Club, Next Level Kayaking, Paddle Tasmania, the Freycinet Challenge, the Sandy Bay Regatta Association and Storm Bay Stand Up Paddle. Having these 11 organisations under the one umbrella gives our capacity to improve and expand these events a real boost.

Vaikobi Triple 4 Series highlights:

  • The series kicks off with a bay race at Kingston Beach on May 27th 2023 and builds up to the 12th edition of the Tasmanian Ocean Racing Championships and the Series Finale during March 2024.
  • The first ocean race of the series will be a new event on our calendar and will take place at Coles Bay on the eve of the 2023 Freycinet Challenge, offering paddlers a unique opportunity to complete 3 open water races across Fri 6th, Sat 7th and Sun 8th of October.
  • Our New Norfolk river race in June and our Franklin river race in August will be open to Storm Bay Stand Up Paddle members for 2023, giving these events even more diversity alongside the mix of skis and kayaks these courses traditionally attract.
  • We have now aligned series age categories with ICF conventions, when entering online please select a category matching your age as of 31/12/2023.
  • From July 1st 2023 we will be transitioning the entire series to the Paddle Australia membership system. As per the 2023 ICF World Ocean Racing Championships and the 2023/24 Australian Ocean Racing Series, participants must become financial members of a Paddle Australia-affiliated body to compete in the Vaikobi Triple 4 Series. We will move to this arrangement between race 2 and race 3 of the series, giving everyone time to join their local club. We thoroughly recommend joining the Derwent Canoe Club, and will be able to provide more detail around this as the series kicks off. Being part of the Derwent Canoe Club means members contribute and gain access to facilities and equipment necessary to hold events which we all enjoy, for example the rescue boat, timing equipment and a significant portion of the volunteer workforce used throughout the new series. Additional membership benefits include 24/7 worldwide personal accident and public liability insurances, plus the option to insure personal paddle craft.

The Vaikobi Triple 4 "Ocean" races build on recent seasons, and bring together all the resources of an experienced team to deliver flexible, inclusive and modern open water paddling events. The updated format recognises the improvement and depth in paddling that now exists within Tasmania, and aims to address a growing demand for regular downwind racing opportunities.

All Triple 4 "Ocean" events will run in a weather window between 1pm and 5pm which will be confirmed 48 hours out from race day on the event website and our social media channels. We will try our best to stick to the target areas below, but reserve the freedom to alter these to enhance the competitor experience, increase safety margins, and maximise the chance of downwind conditions.

Triple 4 "Ocean" events will accommodate 2 divisions ranging from 10-16km in length.

Site maps will be created as the series unfolds and courses are finalised.

Prerequisites for participation in Triple 4 "Ocean" events:

Participants need to be able to remount their craft in whitecapping conditions, and carry their mobile phones in a waterproof case while competing. Paddlers need to wear a PFD rated to ISO 12402 or AS 4758 and be attached to their craft with a leg leash. Paddlecraft must be in good working order. Gear hire is not available for VHORS Downwind events.

Vaikobi Triple 4 Series - "Ocean" race schedule 2023/24

06 Oct 2023 - FREYCINET PENINSULA - Ocean - double series points (5.00pm Coles Bay end of Muirs Beach, see course options attached)

27 Jan 2024 - HOBART - Ocean - double series points 
17 Feb 2024 - HOBART - Ocean - double series points 

23 Mar 2024 - HOBART - Ocean - triple series points - Tasmanian Championships 

Please contact us or check out our Facebook page for more information.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone involved with the Vaikobi Triple 4 Series concept so far, and warmly welcome all participants. We look forward to seeing you on the water soon!


    Vaikobi Triple 4 Series - Ocean events
    Vaikobi Triple 4 Series - Ocean events
    Vaikobi Triple 4 Series - Ocean events
    Vaikobi Triple 4 Series - Ocean events
    Vaikobi Triple 4 Series - Ocean events

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