Jantex Paddles are highly engineered using the latest technology and the world’s best materials. The result is a paddle that is second to none in speed and design. This has been proven time and again with outstanding results across all disciplines of flatwater kayak racing, as well as downriver and surfski paddling.

Jantex has co-ordinated with some of the world’s most elite paddlers, such as Rene Poulsen and Max Hoff to improve their range of blades. Using the latest technologies and composite materials (such as 100% carbon graphite fibres and high quality epoxy resin) in their paddles.

Jantex have a very large range of blade sizes and shapes so everyone, from seasoned professionals to beginners and children, will get the most from their paddling stroke. 

If you are unsure of what paddle to choose please talk with us or arrange a demo, so we can get the blade shape and size that suits you best. 


If there is magic on
this planet, it is
contained in water.

Loren Eiseley