Australian made ski covers


Protect your craft from UV and transport damage! Our brightly coloured stretch ski covers feature a snug-fitting canvas nose protector and a rear drawcord for easy closure. Australian made for Australian conditions, the body of the cover provides ample cushioning from bumps, scrapes, road debris and roof rack systems. These covers also pack down to the size of a large beach towel, so they won't get in your way or take up half your car space when not in use! They are available in 5 lengths to suit nearly all ocean skis:

4.4m - suitable for an Epic V5, and all skis up to 4.4mĀ 

5.5m - suitable for an Epic V7, V8 and all skis up to 5.5m

5.8m - suitable for an Epic V8 Pro, V9, V11 and all skis up to 5.8m

6.2m - suitable for an Epic V10 Sport, V10 L, and all skis up to 6.2m

6.5m - suitable for an Epic V10, V12, V14 and all skis up to 6.5m

We keep a variety of colours in stock (these change all the time and colours in the image may not be available) and will normally choose from these when filling your order - please make a note during the checkout process or contact us separately if you are after a particular colour.

We are offering FREE Australia-wide shipping on all Ski Covers for a limited time.


  • Australian made
  • UV and transport protection
  • Nose protector
  • Rear drawcord & tail flag
  • Stretch fabric for a snug fit
  • Packs down small
  • Length specificĀ 
  • Range of funky colours!
  • FREE Shipping Australia-Wide
Australian made ski covers
Australian made ski & kayak covers Next Level Kayaking Shop Tasmania Australia Hobart
Australian made ski & kayak covers Next Level Kayaking Shop Hobart Tasmania Australia

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