Epic 18x Sport

Epic 18x Sport
Epic 18x Sport
Epic 18x Sport


The Epic 18X Sport is designed for intermediate to advanced touring paddlers seeking a distinct edge in a high-performance kayak. Paddlers find the stability and sleek, efficient shape of the 18X Sport to allow them to cover long distances with exceptional ease and speed, and that it performs great in rough water conditions.

In addition to all the features that come standard on an Epic, the 18X Sport includes the advanced Epic Track Master™ steering system, a day hatch, an adjustable seat, large storage capacity, and front deck cutaways for a closer, more efficient stroke.


Features - Performance Construction:

  • Weight: 19.5 kg
  • Infusion grade foam core
  • Composite hybrid of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar
  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
  • Black bow & stern

Features - Ultra Construction: 

  • Weight: 17.5 kg
  • Nomex honeycomb core
  • A composite hybrid of Kevlar fabric, carbon fibre and fibreglass
  • Vacuum bagged, heat cured epoxy
  • Red bow and stern  


  • Length: 18' (5.48m)
  • Width: 55.88 cm
  • Depth: 28.6 cm
  • Capacity: 173 kg

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