Epic Club Carbon Small Mid Wing 205-215cm

Epic Club Carbon Small Mid Wing 205-215cm

Epic Club Carbon paddles are made with a fibreglass core, carbon fibre outer layers and epoxy resin, resulting in an extremely lightweight performance paddle at an economical price. Epic Club Carbon paddles come standard with Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology, an extra strength green shaft, and a cover to protect your paddle when not in use. 


The Epic Small Mid Wing paddle is based on our award winning Mid Wing paddle, with a 2% reduced blade surface area. This slightly trimmed-down design has broadened the appeal of the wing paddle, making it ideal for smaller paddlers, cruisers and racers paddling long distances, and those who simply seek a smaller option to maximize their efficiency.The Club Carbon construction comes standard with Epic’s Length-Lock 2™ adjustable ferrule technology. 

Care / Use Tips:

  • Suitable for lighter men, women and junior paddlers 
    • Suitable for surfski, multisport and touring
    • Split and rinse paddle after each use


    • Blade Width: 15.9 cm
    • Blade Length: 49.9 cm
    • Surface Area: 735 cm2
    • Weight: 702 grams
    • Length: adjustable between 205-215 cm
    • Australia wide shipping

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