Epic V10 Sport

Epic V10 Sport
Epic V10 Sport Surf Ski
Epic V10 Sport

The V10 Sport offers terrific flat water speed and exceptional rough water performance, similar to the V10, but with more stability. It is the best all-around surf ski for intermediate to advanced paddlers in a variety of conditions!

Intermediate level paddlers will quickly appreciate the higher speeds on flat water, while advanced paddlers will enjoy the enhanced balance, speed and handling characteristics in larger conditions.

The V10 Sport fits a wide variety of paddler heights and weights. The footplate is fully adjustable with self-adjusting pedals.

The V10 Sport now comes with Epic’s revolutionary bailer system. The bailer can be completely closed for flat or cold water conditions and has four adjustable positions depending on the conditions. It can be easily operated with your foot so you never miss a stroke!

Features - Club Construction:

  • Weight: 17.5 kg
  • Fiberglass on a core mat
  • Vacuum bagged with polyester resin
  • Blue bow & stem

Features - Performance Construction:

  • Weight: 16.0 kg
  • Infusion grade foam core
  • Vacuum infused, heat-cured epoxy
  • Black bow & stern

Features - Ultra Construction: 

  • Weight: 12.5 kg
  • Nomex honeycomb core
  • Woven carbon and Kevlar fabric
  • Vacuum bagged, heat cured epoxy
  • Red bow and stern

Features - Elite Construction:

  • Weight: 9.4 kg
  • Nomex honeycomb core
  • Prepreg carbon fiber
  • High temperature cure
  • Carbon with black finish 
  • White decals, bow & stern


  • Length: 6.1 m
  • Width: 48.0 cm
  • Depth: 33.0 cm
  • Capacity: up to 136 kg
  • Prices are ex-Sydney

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