Galasport Rasmusson Wing Club Glass 205-215cm Paddle

Galasport Rasmusson Wing Club Glass 205-215cm Paddle

The Rasmusson is a Midwing sized race paddle, designed to give you a powerful smooth stroke with maximum efficiency for your forward stroke. Built predominantly from Fiberglass Materials but with strategically located reinforcement of Carbon Fiber and Kevlar to ensure a robust blade at the lowest weight and price possible. Built on a Fiberglass shaft.

Care / Use Tips:

  • Suitable for surfski, wildwater, flatwater sprint, flatwater marathon and multisport
  • Split and rinse paddle after each use


  • Blade Width: 15.5 cm
  • Blade Length: 48.0 cm
  • Surface Area: 700 cm2
  • Weight: 995 grams
  • Length: adjustable between 205-215 cm
  • Australia wide shipping

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