Jantex Beta Small (700 cm2) 205-215cm

Jantex Beta Small (700 cm2) 205-215cm

The Jantex Beta blade is the most demanded flatwater paddle for sprint racing and marathons, but is also great for surf skis with experienced athletes. It is the most aggressive and powerful blade that Jantex creates. It has a fantastic catch, a little nervous in the second phase of the stroke, and an excellent exit. 

This blade is designed for well prepared athletes to give maximum acceleration in the first phase of stroke. Comes assembled on a Jantex Flexi Soft shaft (70% carbon fibre, 30% Kevlar), the most widely used shaft type for any kind of moving water. 

Care / Use Tips:

  • Suitable for lighter men, women and junior paddlers
  • Suitable for surfski, wildwater, flatwater sprint, flatwater marathon and multisport
  • Split and rinse paddle after each use


  • Blade Width: 15.8 cm
  • Blade Length: 48.0 cm
  • Surface Area: 700 cm2
  • Weight: 700 grams
  • Length: adjustable between 205-215 cm
  • Australia wide shipping

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