Mako GT Grand Tourer Paddle 2-Piece Carbon

Mako GT Grand Tourer Paddle 2-Piece Carbon

The GT Grand Tourer blade combines a number of features that make it a Jack of all trades.

The blades asymmetric outline achieves two goals:
- It loads more area into the top half of the blade making the catch softer,
- It moves the power part of the stroke to the mid stroke where the paddler is strongest.

The blade is modestly dished both across the face and lengthwise making the asymmetric touring paddle a very stable blade that has found favour in nearly every discipline of kayaking.

This blade has been used for sea touring, slalom racing, wild water racing, white water trekking as well general recreational paddling.

The strong back rib, innovative blade shape and soft catch make it an all-day, all-conditions, dependable paddle.

Made in Australia

Care / Use Tips:

  • Split and rinse paddle after each use in salt water conditions


  • Blade Width: 17 cm
  • Blade Length: 48 cm
  • Weight: approx 700 grams
  • Shaft Material: carbon fibre
  • Blade Material: carbon fibre
  • Australia wide shipping

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