Nordic Kayaks Breeze

Nordic Kayaks Breeze
Nordic Kayaks Breeze - Next Level Kayaking - Hobart Tasmania Australia  - Paddling Coaching Shop
Nordic Kayaks Breeze

Breeze is a polyethylene constructed entry level surfski that is easy to handle even with no experience from kayaking before. When it is unloaded its your perfect craft for fitness paddling our for playing in the waves. When loaded, the hatches can store packing for touring for relaxed long distance paddling.
Breeze is fully equiped with all high tech NK details such as carbon footrest, carbon rudder, deBrito self bailer, carbon handle in the side of cockpit and a drink bottle holder.

Features - Polyethylene

  • Weight: 24 kg
  • High quality HDPE polyethylene with foam
  • Option of green or grey


    • Length: 5.05 m
    • Width: 54 cm
    • Capacity: over 50kg 
    • Prices are ex-Gold Coast

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