Ruk Hawk Folding J Bars - Kayak Carrier


Unique folding J Cradle made from alloy tube, that easily clamps to your roof bars with twin locking levers for a large range of adjustability. 

Why choose J Bars? - The J-style rack is an extremely popular choice for carrying kayaks. Consisting of a base and a holding arm, in the shape of a “J,” these racks allow you to load your kayak from the side of your car. The boat itself sits on its side at an angle. This leaves lots of room on your roof to carry more luggage, bicycles, whatever. These are generally very sturdy racks and will hold onto your boat quite securely. Good for larger boat sizes. 


    • Comes as a pair
    • Includes Tie Downs
    • Fits most roof racks
    • Padded to protect you kayak or Sit on top.
    • Finished in black chrome powder coating


    Ruk Hawk Folding J Bars - Kayak Carrier

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