Stellar Boat Stands


The perfect way to store your kayak! They also make a convenient support while you are washing your kayak and are easily transported to use before a race or a paddle while setting up your boat. They are made from lightweight aluminum and the durable fabric sling conforms perfectly to the shape of your boat. They fold flat for transporting or storage when not in use.

Taller and wider than most boat stands, these suit a large range of kayaks and skis.  

Always try to support the weight of your kayak equally (do not place stands at the very ends of the boat). On shorter and wider boats, it may be necessary to move the stands a bit further towards the bow/stern than the skinnier boats. This is acceptable. 

Please be careful with the positioning of the stands if you are planning on sitting in your boat while it is on them.

Sold as a pair 

Dimensions (when standing):

  • 90cm height
  • 75cm width
  • 50cm depth
Stellar Boat Stands

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