Stellar S18S EXP

Stellar S18S EXP
Stellar S18S EXP
Stellar S18S EXP

The S18S EXP is our original S18S G2 renamed to place it in our offering as an "Expedition Ski." The new redesigned Stellar S18S hull has increased its speed by increasing the size of the cut-aways and narrowing the bow sections. The rocker profile has been tweaked along with the trim to optimize the ski for efficient paddling and catching waves. All done without losing any stability and staying within USCA fast sea kayaks regulations. The DeBrito bailer makes for dry starts, paddles and rapid water removal, carbon handles at each end and a large oval hatch in the stern. Under-stern/over-stern fittings, side handles, water bottle holder, leash attachment and deck bungees still come standard. Making this a boat you need to put in your fleet.


  • Both under-stern and over-stern rudder options available 
  • Bow and stern handles
  • 2 water tight storage compartments with bulkheads, for camping or long distance racing
  • Low volume cockpit with De Brito bailer for drainage
  • Refund bow helps to shed water in the rough stuff and allows for a much narrower catch

Features - Excel Construction:

  • Weight: 13.0 kg / 28.7 lbs
  • Nomex Honeycomb Core
  • Epoxy Kevlar and Fibreglass heat cured laminate
  • Gelcoat finish

Features - Advantage Construction

  • Weight: 16.3kg / 35.9 lbs
  • Fibreglass and Soric core, heat cured laminate
  • Gelcoat finish


  • Length: 5.5 m
  • Width: 51.2 cm
  • Depth: 33.7 cm
  • Capacity: up to 130 kg
  • Bow Storage: 39L
  • Stern Storage: 89.6L

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