Carbonology Splash

Carbonology Splash
Carbonology Splash
Carbonology Splash
Carbonology Splash

This is a great boat to introduce children to the sport of ski paddling but has also proven to be a hit with smaller intermediate women who struggle with the full sized boats in the CS range.

Has all the features that the full sized skis have to offer but on a reduced scale.

Add to this light, strong and direct full carbon pedals on a fully adjustable vertical pin rack,  breathable rubber bung plug, carbon rudder and carbon steering assembly hatch – the outfitting is excellent.

The two soft-covered handles are at the knees and the exact midpoint of the boat weight-wise, making it a breeze to carry single-handedly.


  • Bow and stern handles

  • Dual side handles

  • Front cockpit handle

  • Full length adjustability

  • Venturi bullet scuppers

  • Front cockpit rigging

  • Rear deck rigging

Weight Class

25kg - 60kg

Construction & Weight

Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 12.5kg 
Hybrid Carbon/Glass Epoxy Vacuum: 11.5kg
Boat Specs
  • Boat Length: 4.85m
  • Boat Width: 49.0cm
  • Boat Height: 31.0cm
  • Seat Width: 43.0cm
  • Seat Depth: 19.0cm
  • Prices are ex-Sydney

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