The coiled spring

The coiled spring is a way to think about generating potential energy in between strokes. A lot of paddlers think about their movement pattern during strokes...but then switch off in between.It's important to realise that one paddle stroke flows into another...and another...and a never ending circle.Your bum, trunk and...

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New Product Spotlight - Motionize Paddle Edge

We've been putting the new Motionize Paddle Edge virtual coaching system to the test over the last few weeks! We've been seriously impressed by the accuracy of this new technology and found really good agreement between the Motionize system and traditional video footage during coaching sessions. In this example, we...

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Diamonds - a paddler’s best friend!

Most coaches would be stoked to improve their paddlers by 20-30% over a whole career, let alone in a few months. But these sort of gains are possible, and the good news is you don’t need to perform a mountain of physical work to achieve them, you just need to...

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Paddle safe

This time of year it's more important than ever to focus on paddling safe, especially when taking on chilly downwinders. A lot of the downwind exploits we read and hear about around the World take place in much warmer climates. In Tassie we're on the doorstep of the Southern Ocean...

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New Product Spotlight - Epic V8 Pro

Epic V8 Pro from Epic Kayaks on Vimeo Epic's new V8 Pro is due to land early June, with NLK among the first representatives in Australia to offer demos and hire of this unique ski! Designed to sit between the V8 and V10 Sport, the V8 Pro will offer an easier transition for entry-level paddlers stepping...

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8 Tips for Paddling In Winter

At NLK we paddle in Hobart, on the doorstep of the Southern Ocean and in the shadows of Mount Wellington - it can get cold and things can get real in a hurry at this time of year. We like to think it makes us tough! Whether you're from Hobart, Tasmania, the mainland or further afield there's no need...

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