NLK Triads group training system


Triads is an “accelerator” group training system, compatible with the Covid era. The system was designed during Tasmania's "stay at home" restrictions in April 2020, since then Triads has supported and connected new paddlers, accelerated the development of intermediate paddlers, and given advanced paddlers a new challenge and focus. Over recent years we've seen progression rates really pick up across the board, with new habits formed and old habits finally broken. Our Triads format enables paddlers, offering an increased level of flexibility making it easier to improve and keep each other motivated "all year round".

Triads is a combination of:

▪️ training plans for solo and buddy sessions, giving you the flexibility to paddle when and where you want (choose between beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced plans at a frequency of 6+ sessions per fortnight)

▪️ regular small group “check in” sessions with your Triads coach (frequency of 1 per fortnight)

▪️ larger group sessions with NLK coaches (choose between Sunday Paddle Progress, Friday Next Step or Wednesday Moving Targets at a frequency of 2 per fortnight)

▪️ training notes and resources allowing you to monitor your adaption and design additional sessions if required

Our next Round of Triads will start from the 22nd of April 2024, and go for 10 weeks. By registering for this Triads round you become a 'regular' NLK paddler for 10 weeks for an up-front payment of $300. Equipment hire is available for all sessions and is an additional and ongoing cost involved in Triads participation, should you require it. You can pay for your gear hire prior to each session.

Please contact us or check our Team NLK Facebook page if you need any more information prior to registration.

NEXT ROUND OF TRIADS: Starting on the 22nd of April, 2024. 


  • Group training system focusing on long-term improvement
  • Hobart based
  • Suitable for early stage, intermediate to advanced paddlers
  • Sign up for 10 to 13 weeks at a time
  • Gear hire available

NLK Triads group training system

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